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We work on any Android and iOS device. Our intuitive UI and management tools let you scale, onboard, and preload settings with ease. Your work is hard. Switching to Zello isn’t.

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    Say so long to radio

    Zello took the walkie-talkie and brought it into the digital age with unlimited range and crystal clear HD transmissions on both Wi-Fi and any cellular data network.

    • Cut costs

      Leave the expense of radio tower leases, repairs, and specialized equipment behind with Zello’s transparent, scalable pricing.

    • Be secure

      Radio transmissions can be picked up and overheard by anyone. Zello is secure across the entire spectrum of its operation

    • Unlimited channels and one-to-one

      Put an end to the distractions of radio chatter with Zello’s customizable channels and one-to-one live push-to-talk voice communications.

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    • Hardware accessories

      Compatible accessories from our partners give you the functionality of familiar hardware with dedicated push-to-talk and emergency alert buttons.

    Break free from carrier PTT

    Carrier PTT is designed to limit your choices and functionality; Zello is designed to give you the freedom to craft the solution you actually need—and can afford.

    • Use on any device

      Unlike Carrier PTT, we don’t restrict you to buying proprietary devices. Bring any Android or iOS device you want.

    • Unlimited users

      Zello can easily scale to thousands of users. There are no contracts so you only pay for the number of licenses you use, even if that changes month-to-month.

    • Works on any network

      Zello works flawlessly on both Wi-Fi and even the lowest-grade cellular data networks. No 5G necessary—we work where you do.

    • Transparent and asynchronous messaging

      Replay missed messages and see when messages have been received. 1-to-1 messages received when a user is offline are there when connection is restored.

    Dispatch included

    Every level of subscription to Zello comes with access to our intuitive Dispatch Hub desktop software for no extra cost. Wait, what? Yeah, you heard us. Use our enterprise-grade dispatch solution without spending another dime.

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      Get off your phone

      Complex tasks like dialing, typing, and reading can be deadly in focus-intensive work environments and on the road. With Zello, simply push one button and talk.

      • Automatic channel and user switching

        Help your workers keep their eyes on-task and on the road with automatic channels and user switching. When an urgent situation arises, there’s no need to fumble with a keypad: one button emergency alerts connect immediately to help.

      • Hardware accessory compatible

        Outfit your frontline with any accessories they need to get the job done. Our dedicated hardware team checks, checks, and then checks again to make sure our hardware partners’ devices map perfectly to Zello’s core functionality.

      • Robust remote management

        Create custom channels, access actionable analytics, manage thousands of users, and give your dispatch team the tools they need to get everyone in sync with our intuitive Zello Dispatch Hub and central management console.

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      1 x Testimonial

      Andrew Eger

      Communications and Distribution Manager at Concrete Ready Mix Products

      The company has saved a considerable amount per month in just tower fees and repairs alone by eliminating radios.