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Sales start with communication

Give your staff the push-to-talk tools they need to make every customer feel like the only customer.

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10 billion live voice messages delivered monthly

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Everywhere you are

Whether you’ve got one location or 10,000, Zello keeps your employees in touch and ready for anything that arises.

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  • Works on any network

    Always be connected. Over Wi-Fi and LTE your range is virtually limitless—and it allows for seamless transition from in-store to curbside.

  • Maximize collaboration

    By store, by floor, just one-to-one, or however you want it. Create custom push-to-talk communication channels that mirror the organization and operations of your teams.

  • Send photos and texts

    Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words—or footsteps. Photos and texts on Zello allow employees to take a snapshot of an item, price, or barcode. Not in stock? Simply pull up another store’s channels and see what they’ve got.

  • Communicate theft risk

    Simplify and engage store-wide theft prevention with the touch of a button, reaching the people on your team who are critical to an immediate response.

1 x Testimonial

Chad Simpson

Chief Information Officer at City Furniture

Zello allows my sales associates to communicate anywhere in the showroom, creating a quicker and more enjoyable sales experience for our customers.

For your ears only

Secure channels mean no competitor store will catch your private cross chatter, and headsets and earbuds from our hardware partners mean your customers will hear only what they need to.

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Consolidate devices

Employees can carry just one device with no need for expensive radios or other extras. Zello works on any Android or iOS device (including iPods) and allows for sharing a device with quick and secure account login.

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Never miss a message

With our replay message feature, there’s never a need for your staff to divert their attention away from a customer to answer a call. They’ll simply listen back later and move on to the next thing.

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Engage customers faster

Help in-store customers quickly with a touchscreen kiosk. When they push the help button, any employee connected to the Zello Kiosk channel can respond from anywhere they are, improving service and staffing issues.

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