Zello for Developers

Bring the power of live voice to your proprietary applications

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Android SDK

Bring enhanced Zello functionality to your Android app

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  • Single sign-on

    Shorten and simplify shift changes by building enterprise grade single sign-on.

  • Customized push-to-talk button

    Enhance your UI by adding a push-to-talk button to your solution.

  • Integrated contacts and channels

    Give users access to their channels and contacts directly from your app.

  • Access key features

    Provide functionality like notifications and muting conversations with our expanded capability SDK.

Channel API and SDK

Give your app push-to-talk capability with scalable channels that get everyone talking

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  • Modular integration

    A light lift solution for embedding live voice channels into your application without adding extra complexity

  • Real-time channel configuration

    Create ad-hoc conversations on the fly with up to 10000 users

  • Solutions for every platform

    Use the Android, iOS, or web SDK, or create your own client with the API

Management API

Manage users, create channels, access analytics, and automate processes with server-side API

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  • Flexible programming

    Access from PHP, Swift, Objective C, Java, or C#

  • Targeted analytics

    Build customized analytics reporting using Cloud History metadata

  • Network resources connection

    Integrate easily with Active Directory

  • Condition based automation

    Create channels and manage users based on location, work order, and other defined conditions

Hardware integration

Easily integrate Zello into your hardware offerings and transform every smartphone into a live voice-powered device by adding a dedicated push-to-talk or emergency alert button.

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