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Save money and increase safety by replacing your legacy radios, texting, and phone calls with a dynamic, scalable, compatible push-to-talk communications solution.

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On point, on- or off-site

From the admin office to the box crib to the lunch truck down the street (tacos!), Zello keeps your team in touch and talking with high capacity push-to-talk channels and expansive range.

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  • Reduce footsteps

    Find who you’re looking for right on Zello without having to chase them down on foot. Every step you save keeps people safe and gets things done quicker. Walk less, push-to-talk more.

  • Unlimited channels

    Create unlimited channels and keep up to 7000 people connected and aware at or off the site. Create as many as you need, we’ll keep ‘em coming.

  • Subcontractor-ready

    Subcontractors download Zello onto their smartphones and onboard in seconds. You can also set up company-issued shared devices proactively.

  • Works on any network

    Zello keeps you connected over Wi-Fi and cellular so there’s no need for expensive radio tower leases that offer sub-par and close range coverage only.

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Andrew Eger

Communications and Distribution Technology Manager CRMP Inc.

By eliminating the need for dedicated radio towers [and two-way radios], the company has saved a considerable amount per month in just tower fees and repairs alone.

One-touch emergency alerts

Zello brings awareness and collaboration to the job-site, keeping people safer—because they’re more connected. Customize your response team so that the people on the ground can send one-push emergency alerts, knowing they’ll get a quick response every time from the people who can actually do something about it.

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Manage less, do more

Zello automates and streamlines user management so you can spend less time on the boring stuff. Manage like you mean it.

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  • Add thousands of users at once

    Simple import tools mean that as your projects grow, our automated tools will quickly get your user database up to speed.

  • Pay for only what you need

    Pay for only the amount of users in use, and remove and add users as needed as your project contracts and expands.

  • No training necessary

    Our UI is intuitive and it’s easily mapped to rugged devices with tactile push-to-talk and emergency buttons for when the job site demands it. If they can push one button, they’re good to go.