We give voice to everyday heroes

Neighbors riding out to save neighbors after a hurricane. First responders rushing into a fire to ensure no one is left behind. The people who build our homes, pave our roads, fold our sheets, stock our shelves, and deliver our packages during disaster and pandemic.

The people who are often unseen while making society run.

Eighty percent of workers don’t work behind a desk

Big tech talks a big game about revolutionizing this and disrupting that. But too often what they’re revolutionizing and disrupting are the systems, processes, and modes of production of desk workers. In the meantime, there’s plenty of tech for the frontline, sure—it just looks and feels like it was last updated in 2001. Which it probably was.

We believe frontline workers deserve the same level of technical investment and innovation as everyone else. We make that a reality.

Why voice?

There’s nothing quite like the human voice when it comes to authentic communication. You can’t hear the subtle nuances of a sentence over text—even with liberal usage of emojis.

When there are lives on the line, there isn’t time to look up phone numbers or put your head down into a phone and get your thumbs whirring over a miniscule keyboard. Nothing is more efficient at communicating the who, what, where, why, whens as simply saying it.

Technology should uplift the human voice. That’s what we’re here for: to unlock the raw power of the human voice.

The view of downtown Austin from the Zello office

Hello. We’re Zello.

Zello is headquartered in Austin, Texas, right across the street from some of the best tacos and BBQ in the city. We’re proud to call this dynamic, collaborative, and exciting city home. Howdy.

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