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Zello is 100% free for First Responders

Zello’s full suite of emergency response and push-to-talk software is free for all first responder organizations worldwide. Yeah, we make less money, but we sure do sleep well at night knowing we can do our part to support your noble work.

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    Create a network

    If your organization doesn’t already have a Zello network, the first step is to create one. Please click on the link below to create a Zello network for your organization.

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    We need some information to determine your eligibility for the program. Please follow the link below to complete a Google Form where we collect this additional information. Applications are reviewed by Zello and processed in the order they are received. If approved, you will receive an email welcoming you to the Zello for First Responders program and we’ll get you going.

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6 x Testimonials

John McGehee

Vice President of Administration at Bud’s Ambulance Service | Daley’s Ambulance Service

The sound quality blows away any radio equipment we have. You can’t get that nice clear digital audio out of a radio unless you buy a very expensive radio system and put repeater towers in place to boost the signal.

Jimmy Brissie

Director of the Henderson County Emergency Services

During a dynamic event we can create a conversation with different users on the fly by building an ad hoc channel with multiple users.

Lor Dykes

Operations Lead at Crowdsource Rescue

It’s different when you hear the urgency in someone’s voice. It’s instant. You don’t have to call. With Zello, you just push the button.

Sim Shain

Advanced Life Support Coordinator of Hatzolah of Central NJ and the Operations Coordinator for Hatzolah Statewide.

Zello works perfectly for us because we can expand and broaden our network anywhere. Yesterday I was flying to Houston and I could communicate with our team from 35,000 feet, which is something I could never do otherwise.

Ken Kelley

Owner, ProMed Ambulance

There are a lot of radio channels to keep up with, but with Zello, I can manage all my operations from one central dashboard.

Holger Sommer

Communications Manager, @fire

The big advantage of Zello is that it requires only a basic data connection and works already with 2G/GPRS. Often we couldn’t call someone with the cell phone, but Zello worked.

Your safety matters too

One touch and hands-free accessories keep you focused on what’s in front of you without worrying about what’s behind you—and when you need it, emergency alerts are just a button push away.

Works on any network

You can’t choose where emergencies take you. Zello works across any network on any device anywhere in the world. When urgent situations make networks unstable, Zello intelligently utilizes what little bandwidth there is to give you one less thing to worry about.

Critical productivity

When there are no second chances, Zello is the first choice.

  • Instant communications

    Zello is an enterprise-grade communications solution powered by instant live voice push-to-talk communication that stays one step ahead of your relentless pace.

  • HD message replay

    Crystal clear digital live voice and message archive playback mean you hear what’s said, how it’s said, the moment you need to hear it.

  • Centralized dispatch

    Zello’s Dispatch Hub prioritizes calls based on urgency and allows dispatchers to transfer messages to the best person to handle the issue.

    Learn more about the Dispatch Hub
  • Unlimited channels and crosslink

    Remotely create and preload as many channels as each individual worker needs—from each department to the whole company.

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