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Don’t miss a single one with Zello, the communication solution that ensures—and gets out of the way of—a 5-star guest experience.

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Zello works with the software you already use and accessories that work in any environment to keep your staff connected.

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  • Works with your existing software

    When HOTSOS is not enough, put a little kick into your operations. Just grab Zello, push the button, and instantly get a hold of the right person to tell you where in the world room 829’s burger is.

  • Discreet accessories

    For those times when your staff needs to hear without guests listening in, Zello connects to discreet push-to-talk accessories like earbuds that keep the conversation private but clear.

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Chris Maguire

W Hotels - Seattle

We have a Zello channel for each department and have never had an extended outage. Voice quality is top notch, as well!

Teamwork starts with Zello

Don’t just get everyone on the same page, get them on the same sentence.

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  • Centralize your PBX

    Zello Dispatch Hub, our efficient solution that streamlines your operations on-site and across every site, allows you to get more done with fewer people (and it’s free with any license).

  • Reach just who you need to

    Maintenance doesn’t need to know that room 237 needs new towels—but housekeeping does. With team-specific channels, collaborate, reduce footsteps, and resolve customer issues and requests more quickly without all the extra chatter.

Keep everybody safe

Protect your most valuable asset: your people.

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  • Help is one button away

    In times of crisis, there’s no time to look for numbers and wait on dial tones. Zello’s one-touch emergency alerts broadcast need-to-know information, connecting instantly with all your staff or to a designated response team.

  • Keep solo workers connected

    Zello connects everyone, everywhere with live push-to-talk communication, keeping you fully compliant with the Hotel Employee Union guidelines for staff that work solo.

You don’t need another device

Busy hands have no time to juggle multiple devices. Zello works with what you already have, including Android, iOS, HOTSOS and Alice. Expand your reach without adding extra hardware.

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Assist guests sooner

Help guests quickly in a large resort with a touchscreen kiosk. When they push the help button, any employee connected to the Zello Kiosk can respond from anywhere they are, improving service and staffing issues.

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