We’ve got enterprise talking

Enterprise organizations have enterprise-level concerns.
Zello was built to solve them.

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99.99% uptime

Your work never stops and neither do we. With historical uptime of 99.99%, Zello keeps people connected even in critical situations when most other infrastructure is down.

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effortless scalability

With centrally managed unlimited channels and contact lists, rapidly get thousands of push-to-talk users up and running. Add sub-contractors and connect to other organizations with ease. Minimal onboarding without the need for expensive dedicated hardware gets everybody up and talking quickly.

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Deployment made simple

Zello’s MDM-enabled deployment and provisioning helps you meet the needs of your dynamic workforce.

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  • Remote sign-in and deployment

    Easily deploy the Zello app and sign users in ahead of time so they can get going the moment they show up.

  • Share devices

    Zello allows shift workers to load their accounts on shared devices without sharing private information or conversations.

Zello is secure, private, and auditable

  • End-to-end security

    Zello uses the highest industry standard encryption, securing communications from end-to-end.

  • Secure channels

    Create channels private to managers, ensuring you’re connecting the right people and no one is accessing your network outside of your team.

  • Automatic network audit

    When you’re looking for a trail, audit-logging tracks any changes in your network.

  • Available On-Premise

    Use self-hosted Zello Enterprise Server for applications with ultimate security requirements or when internet connection is not available.

Actionable analytics

Understand and refine your workflow with rich analytics. Gain insights on workforce allocation for varying workloads, number of calls answered, user locations, sign-ins, response times, and version checks.

Built-in compliance

We know you have a regulation or two or 3 million to follow. We design with your compliance needs in mind so you can get them off yours.

  • Message and location tracking

    Historical message and location tracking ensure that when you need records, you’ll have them.

  • One touch operation

    Comply with FMCSA regulations and avoid fines with push-to-talk rugged accessories for one-touch operation.

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    SOC 2 & HIPAA Compliant

    Zello meets the highest standards for data security, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Integration made easy

Zello doesn’t exist in a vacuum. We work with everything you already have and offer the resources to enhance your existing solutions with live push-to-talk voice communication.

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  • SDK

    Historical message and location tracking ensure that when you need records, you’ll have them.

  • API

    Tap into all Zello has to offer with our robust server side API that lets you easily manage users, create channels, and deploy settings remotely.

  • We’re here to help

    Engage our dedicated team of engineers to help make your integrations with Zello an essential and simple part of your complex stack.