Zello Push-to-Talk for Webex

Frontline workers are the first-to-respond, no-time-to-waste, get-it-done workers. When what you do is critical and urgent, communication shouldn’t be the thing that’s tough.

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Reach everyone, everywhere, every way

Zello’s push-to-talk app lives on your mobile device, delivering unlimited and secure private channels with crystal clear broadcasts across different data networks.

Zello is compatible with all devices, iOS, Android, Mac or PC desktop which eliminates the cost of specialized devices.

Illustration of worker in a hard hat

The frontline never stops

Mobile workers represent 80% of the global workforce. Businesses need a reliable and efficient tool to communicate with these workers in real time. Empower your mobile workforce with the #1-rated push-to-talk solution for field communication with 99.99% uptime.

The power of live voice

  • Instant voice

    Reach everyone, everywhere, in real time with the push of a button. Centralize communication to quickly solve problems. Collaboration and productivity are enhanced with live sharing of voice, images, texts, and location.

  • Visibility and analytics

    Provide end-to-end visibility into frontline operations with actionable analytics, message replay, and storage. Administrators can pinpoint operational peak times for improved staffing and workload sharing.

  • Centrally managed channels

    Unlimited users can to talk one-to-one or one-to-many. Channels can be remotely created and deployed in real time.

Webex Single Sign-On

Simplified access and increased security

With over 10 billion messages delivered monthly and 99.99% uptime, Zello is simple to use, connecting mobile and operations teams to solve problems, manage exceptions, and collaborate more efficiently.

Use your Webex credentials to access the Zello push-to-talk app. Get increased security and ease of use with a single, secure log-in for each user and device, granting the same experience everywhere.