Transportation services company improves response time thanks to Zello

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A recipient of the FedEx service award, which is given to the company’s top producing carriers in recognition of 100% on-time service with zero service failures, woman-owned Bonded Transportation Solutions has provided quality same-day transportation services in the Midwest since 1955.

But keeping up with competitors hasn’t always been easy. According to Rachel Weiss, Vice President of Operations, when switching phone providers, drivers and dispatchers lost the ability for push-to-talk between each other. After meeting Zello at the Express Carrier’s Association MarketPlace, Bonded started a trial demo and found that it was exactly what they needed to expedite communications.

Challenge: Communication Falling Through the Cracks

According to Weiss, Bonded dispatchers were simply not able to support the volume of phone calls coming in as customers used to instant update technology have demanded faster, trackable deliveries for both their trucking and courier solutions. Phone calls were not only distracting and unsafe, but were also often dropped or went unanswered. Drivers could not manage exceptions without talking to dispatch, while dispatchers and customer service reps were not able to prioritize the business side of the office because they were busy answering phone calls, making it difficult to maintain their award-winning record of 100% on-time service.

Solution: How Zello Helped

Since rolling out Zello, Weiss reports 25-30% fewer phone calls into dispatch, allowing dispatchers to focus more on the customers and solve problems instead of “taking a million and one driver phone calls. They just hit the app and push to talk. Or they can record a message and get back to them.” With the dramatic improvement in missed calls and response times, Bonded upped their game in dispatcher communication.

Dispatcher Amber Peters feels like it is her job to help keep her drivers safe, something she can do with Zello’s DOT and FMCSA one-touch compliant solution. “I always want to look at the waiting time especially for the elderly drivers. I don’t assign anything heavy and I have to look at the weather. I try to be respectful. I use Zello to assign the drivers to the correct orders and make sure they arrive on time.”

Conclusion: The Results Were Clear

Brian Holm, a driver for Bonded, says that Zello helps him do his job more efficiently and safely. “The best part of Zello is its reliability and communications quality. I use the photo feature regularly. When I leave something at someone’s door, I fire off a picture for proof of delivery.“

By increasing the reliability of dispatcher communication, Bonded now provides better customer service, protects its couriers and truckers on the road, and positions itself to deliver 100% on-time service with zero service failures.

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