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At Carey Limousine of Dallas, Vice President and General Manager, Eric Powell, has two top priorities: maintaining Carey’s industry-leading commitment to safety and security for their chauffeured services and logistics management, and investing in dispatch software that keeps driver, dispatcher, and customer satisfaction high.

Powell was intrigued when Zello approached him to discuss opportunities to increase chauffeur and dispatcher productivity using the new Zello Dispatch Hub. Zello is for all drivers and dispatchers, and therefore was primed to be a great solution for this respected professional chauffeur service. Integration and adoption of the new product was seamless using Dispatch Hub-enabled desktops, phones, and microphones. Now chauffeur-dispatch communication is more efficient, ensuring timely drop-offs and pick-ups.


Before adopting Zello, Carey’s operations had been relying on a push-to-talk solution provided through their cellular carrier, which had chauffeurs reaching out one at a time to individual dispatchers. This created long wait times, overwhelmed dispatchers, uneven call distribution, and missed calls on both sides.

With constantly changing schedules and heavy call loads, Carey needed a new solution that would streamline their fleet communication strategy, save the company money, and enable them to better serve their busy customers.

How Zello Helped

After the switch, Carey chauffeurs sent calls not to individual dispatchers but to the Dispatch Hub. Here, any available dispatcher could pick up a call in the queue, dramatically reducing call wait times. Dispatchers also took advantage of a replay message feature, which ensured that rather than having messages given to them automatically, they could process them at their own speed. The centralized nature of the Dispatch Hub allowed managers to oversee distribution of call loads and step in where needed.

As a result, chauffeurs and dispatchers have a safer, more positive experience, and are able to guarantee timely pick-ups and drop-offs, resulting in more satisfied customers.

Carey was so pleased with the results, they rolled out usage of Zello for their subcontracting services with other operators, shuttles, and limos to report drop-offs and to locate chauffeurs.

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