Zello walkie-talkie app

Zello is a free push-to-talk application for smartphones and PCs. It's lightweight, easy to use and extremely fast. Better yet, it's free and will remain free for personal use.

50 million. That's how many times users have downloaded Zello. Try it on your Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, PC or a mix!



Zello conversations are almost as fast as face-to-face conversations and faster than online communications.

Easy to use

Just push the button to talk. You most likely won't have to configure anything to start using Zello.


Zello supports channels where you can talk to one person on up to 100 people from all over the world … at the same time.

Voice history

Re-play your conversations whenever you want.


We don't like bloated software. Zello setup is lightweight and the program uses very little system resources and memory.


You don't have to use a headset with Zello. Use what works for you: phone's speakerphone, a plugged in or built-in microphone and connected speakers, for example.


Turn your phone into a two-way radio with Zello for Android, BlackBerry or iPhone!


Zello is available in 11 languages. More translations to come. Do you want to help translate Zello? Start now with the interactive wiki!


Zello works great over Wi-Fi and 3G, and even GPRS and EDGE.

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